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Hesitation will make you starve....

por naopercasopordosol, em 31.07.17

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Afraid to step into the unknown, afraid to experience failure and pain
relying only on his courage, his will to survive, he embraces that fight.
Accepts the consequences and dives into the crow, no one can restrain
unstoppable now. no hesitation or he might fail tonight.

Hesitation comes from being afraid of the unknown.

Too many times we fail to take the next step because it is something new.
Too many times we fail to step up, into a better and happier state because we are so accustomed to that what we have, that we become afraid of loosing that.
Too many times we fail because we dont follow our hearts........

Being true to ourselves, we can only grow when we accept and embrace those moments, those other souls that cross our path.

A soul that makes you feel at home just by its presence...
A soul that gives you the feeling of being at peace, with yourself and together....

Dont be afraid to step up. 
Dont be afraid to fail, learn from it...

Follow your instinct and act, jump into the unknown when your gut tells you to trust

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