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Guidance light

por naopercasopordosol, em 29.07.17


A shimmering light shining through the dense canopy.


A star giving not only guidance but also hope.


Lost in the forest the only way out is to follow that instinct, that light that seems to lead the way.


Many have wondered and stepped into the unknown, following only that. Determined to succeed….


Gratefull is the one that finds that star. For he will no longer wonder around, lost in space.


A light. Not too bright but never fading. Shinning and showing the way.


The universe is always ready to give us advice, if only we could listen and believe in it a bit more. Sometimes suffering is needed to proceed, lessons to be learned so growth can take place.


Never give in, never back down. Soul wide open listen to the universe and live to the fullest.



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